Excellence in Construction



Exceeding the expectations of our clients is the central focus of our commitment to excellence.  This commitment has earned DooleyMack a reputation for impeccable workmanship and on-time performance. It has also sustained our consistent growth.  Size has not affected our relationships, since we always treat each client as though they were our only client. Our personal commitment to you is to exceed your expectations. Our strength is in your standards.




The Management of DooleyMack Constructors wants to make clear that safety cannot be viewed as a priority, which can be ranked in a vertical order of importance; but must be looked upon as a Core Value. This is inherent in every part of our operation. Furthermore, we believe our most important assets are the people who perform the work, and nothing is more important than providing a safe and healthful environment in which to work. In carrying out this policy it is clear the only acceptable level of performance is to be “Incident Free” on all of our worksites each and every day. We believe that such performance is achievable with full commitment and diligent effort by each and every DooleyMack employee. DooleyMack Constructors has a full time Corporate Safety Director, with over 38 years experience, implementing our motto- “Safety is a Core Value.”




We believe that people do business with people, NOT companies. The culture of our organization was developed around a set of operating principles (listed below) that focus on achieving excellence by doing what is best for the client.  We build on each experience and strive to learn all we can about the specific demands of your business and industry.  Our goal is to be the absolute best at what we do, so that each project is a rewarding experience and we deliver the highest value to you.



Operating Principles

  • Always Value What is Best for the Client
  • Communicate Openly and Effectively
  • Seek Understanding Before Seeking to be Understood
  • Think Win-Win
  • Honor Commitments
  • Grow as Individuals as Well as an Organization
  • Provide a Safe and Healthful Work Environment
  • Be Profitable, so we can All Prosper
  • Give Back by Helping Others
  • Celebrate Others’  Accomplishments Often
  • Exceed the Expectation of our Client
  • Have Fun!